i am hritik

a software developer & entrepreneur

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i am a software developer & entrepreneur,i am the founder of under development startup docccita,išŸ§”explaining&exploring about life,entrepreneurship&new opportunities.

My Skills.


creating & running startup

when i was in 1st year of my college i was aiming to do something big and at that time i was exploring the things and got my keen interest on some stuffs and that are learning technology,finding my self want to explain my learnings on my favourite stuffs to the audiences&the my most connected interest that is creating business,and from there i started learning&working about entrepreneurship.


desgin & development

as i was told that learning technology is one of my keen interest and from starting of my engineering i started focusing on it and slowly started curiousness towards learning and practising more and more,and overtime i gained wealth of knowledge on desgining & developing web app and the building the logics and algorithm

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